Industrial Solutions 
Hearing protection equipment is required in any workplace environment where the average noise exposure is over 85dB (A). Health and Safety officers must also make sure that the hearing protection equipment used by employees comply. Specialising in professional custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions, ACS New Zealand has become the standard for industrial applications. Our hearing protectors for industry are conform Australian and New Zealand Standards: AS/NZS 1270:2002 (incl. Class 5), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and/or European Standard for Earplug Hearing Protectors BS EN352-2. Click for more info


Educational Solutions
Sometimes in Music Education the subject of hearing conservation does not seem to be given the attention it deserves. At ACS New Zealand we believe that educating young people about the hazard of being exposed to sound levels over 85dB (A) in musical and recreational environments is crucial, especially when it occurs regularly or over long periods of time. Click for more info.


Military Solutions
Specialising in professional custom-made hearing protection and communication solutions since 1994, ACS has become the standard for military applications worldwide. ACS New Zealand has a broad portfolio of specialist end users including the New Zealand AirForce, the British Ministry of Defence and other government departments. This together with a long and established history of providing high quality custom hearing protection and communication solutions for a wide range of applications. Click here for more info.


Motorsport Solutions
From Karting to Formula 1, since 1994 ACS New Zealand has been supplying custom fit hearing protection and in-ear communications to drivers, crew, track staff and spectators alike across the globe. Some of our clients are the Williams Formula 1 team and Supercar drivers Jamie Whincup and Shane van Gisbergen. Click here for more info.


The ACS New Zealand In Ear Monitors feature our exclusive SSI technology. Our redesigned cable and mounting system ensures excellent durability. We have introduced our patent pending IRIS and exclusive SSI technology across our entire IEM line-up. Click here for more info.